Workshop Design and Development

   Socio-economic Effects and Project Assessment

Faro Mine Closure – Opportunities Identification for Selkirk First Nation :: an identification of the employment and potential business opportunities associated with the closure plan for the Faro Mine Complex including illustrative findings from a Job Factor perception survey

Whistle Bend Subdivision Environmental Assessment Report – Socio-economic Effects Assessment Component :: socio-economic effects assessment for the Designated Office evaluation of the City of Whitehorse’s Whistle Bend residential housing development (Phase I and II)

Yukon Socio-economic Data Gap Analysis :: on the basis of 20 interviews with elders, community members and retired elected officials, an identification of the gaps between the data required to assess the full range of socio-economic effects that could potentially result from Yukon resource development projects and the community-level data currently available as well as formulation of recommendations for research approaches to bridge the gaps

Economic Impact Analysis of Two Proposed Yukon Mines :: estimation of expected local economic impacts associated with development of the proposed Bellekeno and Casino mine projects

Socio-economic Scope of Work and Gap Analysis for a Northern Pipeline ::  preparation of a detailed scope of work for the Yukon component of a socio-economic assessment of a major northern pipeline and accompanying socio-economic assessment gap analysis

Northern Dancer Project Socio-economic Gap Analysis :: preparation of the socio-economic component of a regulatory risk management and gap analysis for the proposed Northern Dancer (Logtung) mining project

Economic Impact Analysis of the Mactung Project :: estimation of expected local economic impacts associated with development of the proposed Mactung mine (co-author)

Economic Impact Analysis of the Selwyn Project :: estimation of expected local economic impacts associated with development of the proposed Selwyn mine (co-author)

City of Whitehorse Socio-economic Baseline :: baseline assessment of current and projected socio-economic conditions of the City of Whitehorse prepared for the City of Whitehorse Sustainability Charrette

Carmacks Copper Project – Socio-economic Effects Assessment Adequacy Response :: preparation of a response to the socio-economic effects components of the Adequacy Review Report issued by the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Board for the Carmacks Copper project, the first hard-rock mining project to undergo aYukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Act executive committee level screening (co-author)

Socio-economic Background Report for the Porter Creek Bench :: background socio-economic research to inform a planning and design charrette for the development of a fully-serviced neighbourhood in Whitehorse with the potential to accommodate 10,000 people (co-author)

Yukon Placer Mining Industry Economic Health Monitoring Protocol :: preparation of a monitoring protocol designed to measure and signal the effects of a new environmental regulatory regime on the economic health of the Yukon placer mining industry

Belcourt Saxon Coal Project Regional Community Profiles :: preparation of a series of community profiles in support of an environmental assessment for a proposed coal mining project in northern British Columbia (co-author)

Socio-economic Effects Handbook for Yukon Mining, Oil and Gas Projects :: construction of a socio-economic effects handbook designed to the facilitate the characterization of socio-economic effects of Yukon mining, oil and gas development projects as required by the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Board

Strategic Projects Assessment Guidelines and Tool :: design and creation of guidelines and an accompanying scoring tool for the consistent and comprehensive evaluation of proposed economic infrastructure projects in the Yukon

North Yukon Gas Pipeline Project – Community Preparation Strategy :: development of a strategy for the maximization of positive socioeconomic effects and minimization of negative socioeconomic effects resulting from the potential development of oil and gas resources in the Eagle Plain and Peel Plateau basins

YESAA Economic Impact Assessment Guidelines :: technical and research support for the drafting of socio-economic effects assessment guidelines to accompany the new Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Act including provision of: 

  • Organizations and Jurisdictions on the Forefront of Social & Economic Impact Assessment :: research to identify the leading organizations and jurisdictions in the field of economic effects assessment (co-author)
  • Economic Effects Assessment – Policies, Guidelines, Procedures and Jurisprudence :: research to identify guidelines and procedures being used by organizations at the forefront of economic effects assessment
  • Economic Effects Assessment – Annotated Bibliography and Operating Guideline Options :: an annotated bibliography of documents which outline the current state of knowledge in economic effects assessment and a preliminary synthesis of potential approaches to economic effects assessment in the context of YESAA
  • Economic Effects Assessment Guidelines :: economic effects section included in the draft Socio-economic Effects Assessment Guidelines under development by the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Board

Yukon River Bridge at Dawson City Economic Effects Identification :: identification of the non-transportation related economic effects expected to accompany the construction and operation of a Yukon River Bridge at Dawson City

Introduction to Economic Effects Assessment :: presentation at the Yukon Socio-economic Effects Assessment Workshop (February 1-3, 2005) consisting of a technical introduction to economic effects assessment with application to Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Act

Strategic Projects Assessment Framework :: design of a framework for the assessment of publicly funded strategic economic development projects from the combined perspectives of financial viability, economic viability and market failure

Four Mountains Resort Economic Appraisal :: an analysis of the expected direct and flow-on economic effects arising from the development of the Yukon’s first icon tourism development 

Yukon Benefits Agreements Policy Options :: an options paper designed to facilitate and focus discussion leading to a policy framework which ensures that Yukon communities realize economic benefits from natural resource development projects


Energy and Resource Policy

Implementation of the Economic Health Monitoring Protocol for the Yukon Placer Mining Fish Habitat Management System :: face-to-face administration of a panel survey (Wave 1 and 2) designed to measure and signal whether a viable placer industry is being maintained under a new regulatory system for placer mining

Yukon Mining Supply Chain Analysis :: gap analysis of the supply needs of Yukon mine operators and mineral exploration firms and the capacity of Yukon-present firms to meet those needs (co-author)

Yukon Mining Sector Analysis :: fact-based analysis of the historical contribution of the Yukon mining sector to the Yukon economy

Yukon Green Energy Consultation Backgrounder :: through design and conduct of a focus group with Yukon Government energy officials, identification of Yukon green energy infrastructure gaps and priorities and preparation of a background report for use as a reference document in Yukon-wide community consultations

Renewable Energy Target Options Identification for the Yukon Energy Strategy :: Identification and evaluation of four renewable energy target option for possible inclusion in the Yukon Energy Strategy

Yukon Placer Mine Income Models :: in consultation with the Klondike Placer Miners’ Association, design and construction of income models for Yukon placer mines at three scales of operation and accompanying sensitivity analysis

Yukon Energy Strategy Technical Workshop :: preparation and delivery of a Yukon Energy Sector scoping presentation, participation as an expert resource and facilitation of  break-out groups

Yukon Energy Strategy Background Research :: background research prepared to facilitate the development of a comprehensive Yukon energy strategy:

    Part 1:  jurisdictional review of contemporary energy strategies in selected Canadian jurisdictions (co-author)

    Part 2: review and analysis of existing federal and Yukon energy programs and initiatives (co-author)

    Part 3: analysis of the Yukon energy sector including identification of key trends and issues related to energy production, management and use

Economic Health Monitoring Protocol Panel Survey Design :: development of a panel survey designed to determine whether changes in placer mining industry viability are attributable to a new regulatory regime and to measure the incremental costs of new mine site management practices required by the new regulatory regime

Rate Stabilization Fund Review :: provision of strategic analysis and advice on a multi-agency review of the Rate Stabilization Fund

Yukon Fuel Distributor Expansion Strategy :: comprehensive assessment of the Yukon petroleum products market and development of a long-term expansion strategy for a major Yukon fuel distributor

Metals Buying Enterprise Feasibility Study :: a determination of the feasibility of establishing a buying enterprise for certain Yukon metals utilizing custom-built market revenue and break-even models

Alaska Highway Pipeline Project Fiscal Estimates :: calculation of the approximate value of revenues deriving from general-incidence tax bases in the Yukon attributable to the construction and operation of the proposed Alaska Highway Natural Gas Pipeline

Benchmarking of Competitiveness of Yukon Resource Industries ::a series of competitiveness benchmarks for major Yukon resource industries strictly comparable with other jurisdictions (with the Conference Board of Canada)

Yukon Fur Industry Profile :: a synopsis of the current economic circumstances of the fur industry in the Yukon

Wood Products Industry Survey :: an assessment of the Yukon wood products industry formulated on the results of a telephone survey of industry members

Forest Management Authority Business Plan :: a business plan outlining the strategic vision and development opportunities for a proposed forest management authority in the Yukon

GeoExchange Market Barrier Identification Discussion Workbook :: a workbook designed to facilitate discussion on future industry development among the members of the Canadian GeoExchange Coalition at an annual planning session

Yukon Energy Use Analysis :: an evaluation of the applicability of recently undertaken energy-related surveys to filling in the Yukon’s energy use knowledge gap

Rate Stabilization Fund Economic Analysis :: an analysis of the current approach to electricity rate stabilization in the Yukon from an economic policy perspective


Integrated Yukon Energy Strategy :: a preliminary schema of Yukon energy issues and corresponding options for the development of an integrated Yukon energy strategy

Yukon Energy Sector Assessment :: a summary analysis of the structure, potential and state of the Yukon energy sector

Energy Program Options :: an assessment of institutional options for the delivery of energy programs in the Yukon

Road Access in Parks and Protected Areas :: an analysis of resource development road access policy and practices through parks and protected areas in selected jurisdictions

Alaska Highway Gas Pipeline - Community Profiles :: a series of eight profiles of Yukon communities located along the Alaska Highway natural gas pipeline route (co-author)

Carbon Dioxide Emission Trading Project :: a marketing initiative for the first north of 60 sale of greenhouse gas emission credits (co-author)

Mining Tax Measure Analysis :: a commentary on mining tax measure changes in Canadian jurisdictions prepared to maintain the competitiveness of the Yukon mining industry

Yukon Mineral Exploration Tax Credit Interaction Analysis :: an assessment of the expected interaction between the federal Exploration Investment Tax Credit and a) the Yukon Mineral Exploration Tax Credit and b) the British Columbia Mineral Exploration Tax Credit

Yukon Fuel Market Research :: research on the demand and supply sides of the Yukon fuel market


Public Finance and Northern Economics

Demographic and Economic Analysis of Housing Demand :: identification and description of the demographic and economic factors thought to drive the demand for residential property in the City of Whitehorse together with the development of a series of scenarios that illustrate the application of the demographic and economic factors

Introduction to Performance Budgeting :: a short seminar on the features and potential applications of performance budgeting delivered to the senior management team of a self-governing Yukon First Nation

Economic Scan and Assessment of Potential for Development :: background research undertaken to inform the community-based development of a Regional Economic Development Plan for Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in Traditional Territory including a high level social, demographic and economic scan and an assessment of the potential for development in the sectors of communication, culture, transportation, agriculture, energy, renewable and non-renewable resources and tourism in Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in Traditional Territory (co-author)

City of Whitehorse Property Tax Analysis :: analysis of historical property tax and user fee levies in the City of Whitehorse in comparison with other Canadian municipalities

Yukon Municipal Finance Research :: collection of administrative data from eight Yukon municipalities and analysis of historical Comprehensive Municipal Grant funding patterns

2007 Canada Winter Games Business Investor Study :: survey design and reporting for a telephone survey (n=100) of ‘Canadian business opinion leaders’ undertaken to inform a national marketing campaign for the 2007 Canada Winter Games targeted to potential northern investors

Alaska Canada Rail Link Project Feasibility Study :: development of traffic data for regional resupply via all surface modes inbound to Yukon and for forestry projects outbound from the Yukon and Northern British Columbia in support of a feasibility study for a rail link connecting the Alaska Railroad to the continental North American rail system

Suspension or Reduction of Workers’ Compensation Guideline Development :: background research to inform the development of an administrative guideline which ensures appropriate administration of the benefit suspension and reduction provisions of current Yukon workers’ compensation legislation

Broadband Opportunity Identification for Rural Yukon Businesses :: identification of opportunities and bandwidth-related barriers for the use of high-speed internet applications by businesses in rural Yukon communities

Pathways to Prosperity Discussion Brief :: preparation of a discussion brief designed to launch discussion about the Yukon’s desired economic future through articulation of a long-term vision for the Yukon economy and associated strategic outcomes in support of the vision

Eco-wellness Spa Breakeven Model :: design and construction of a break-even model for the financial evaluation of a proposed eco-wellness spa

A New Deal, Northern Communities and Economic Development :: an assessment of how the federal Northern Strategy can be applied to facilitate achievement of the “New Deal” objectives of enhanced community prosperity and well being in northern municipalities championed by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities

Sectoral Strategies Gap Assessment :: a synthesis of a series of sector-focused economic development strategies and an assessment of their applicability to the Yukon’s current economic development strategy

Economic Development Program Design :: preliminary designs of the funding vehicles, delivery mechanisms and reporting frameworks for three economic development funds (co-author)

Yukon Development Corporation Dividend Policy :: an analysis of dividend options vis à vis the corporation’s owner and subsidiary corporations

Distribution and Fulfillment System Analysis :: a business area analysis of  the distribution and fulfillment system for Yukon Vacation Guides

Yukon Workers’ Compensation Act Research Series :: a series of six research papers on issues identified for the 2003 legislative review of the Yukon Workers’ Compensation Act on the topics of:

    • indexing of benefits
    • the meaning of disability
    • calculation of the maximum wage rate
    • deeming
    • the effect of retirement on entitlement
    • adequacy of the system for spouses

A Proposal for a Strategic Alliance :: a proposal outlining the strategic advantages of an alliance between a Yukon public sector service provider and the Business Development Bank of Canada

Combined Administration of the Workers’ Compensation Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Act :: an assessment of the effectiveness and appropriateness of combined administration by the Yukon Workers’ Compensation Health and Safety Board of the Workers’ Compensation Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Act

CINE Website Logdata Analysis :: a quantification of access to a northern-focused educational website via internet service providers located in the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut

Northern Residents Travel Deduction Tax Cost Analysis :: an analysis of the tax cost of the travel portion of the northern residents personal income tax deduction 


First Nation Taxation and Finance

Financial Transfer Agreement Economic Issues - Location of the First Nation (Remoteness) :: analysis of potential methods that could be used to address the effects of geographic location on the costs of providing public services in Yukon First Nation communities

Financial Transfer Agreement Economic Issues - Appropriate Measure for Changes in Costs of Providing Public Services in SGYFN Communities :: analysis of measures that could be used address changes in the costs over time of providing public services in SGYFN communities

Yukon Self-governing First Nation Financial Transfer Agreement Review :: technical advisor to review panel for the second five-year review of the Yukon First Nation Financial Transfer Agreements that include representatives from the federal government, the Yukon Government and seven Self-governing Yukon First Nations (Champagne and Aishihik First Nations, First Nation of Nacho Nyak Dun, Teslin Tlingit Council, Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation, Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation, Selkirk First Nation and Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in)

Self-Government Financial Transfer Agreement Review – Fiscal Model :: design of a fiscal model intended to facilitate a review of the eight First Nation Financial Transfer Agreements in place between the Government of Canada and self-governing Yukon First Nations   

Yukon Land Use Planning Funding Analysis :: an assessment with recommendations for how the Government of Yukon can ensure that the land use planning objectives of the Yukon First Nation final agreements are achieved to the fullest extent possible within negotiated funding constraints

Kwanlin Dun First Nation Property Tax Project :: a review of the property tax assessment and payment-in-lieu system applied to Kwanlin Dun First Nation lands in the City of Whitehorse

Data and Statistics Requirements for a New First Nation Fiscal Relationship :: a research paper outlining the potential data and statistics requirements for a new First Nation fiscal relationship in Canada

Yukon First Nation ‘Own Source Revenues’ :: a summary analysis of the role of ‘own source revenues’ in the Yukon First Nation fiscal framework

Self-Government Agreement Implementation - Cost Savings Implications for Yukon

Justice :: an assessment of relevant implications for Yukon Justice vis à vis the program and service transfer agreement and cost saving provisions of the Yukon First Nation self-government agreements (co-author)

Fiscal Provisions of the Yukon First Nation Self-Government Agreements :: a series of six plain language articles which document the major fiscal provisions of the Yukon First Nation Self-government Agreements

Yukon First Nation Tax Training Program :: a training plan constructed in anticipation of the tax-related training requirements of Yukon First Nation governments

Yukon First Nation Pension Plan Pre-feasibility Assessment :: a summary of established public sector pension plans in the Yukon and a preliminary examination of design considerations for a Yukon First Nation pension plan (co-author)

Measuring Cost Savings and New and Incremental Costs under Yukon Self-Government Agreements :: a discussion paper prepared to assist the Government of Yukon with the implementation of Section 18 of the Yukon First Nation Self-government Agreements, including administration of justice provisions (co-author)

“Tax Monies – Opening Doors to Self-government” :: an article describing the First Nation personal income tax sharing arrangements in the Yukon published in the Winter/Spring 2001 edition of Visions North - Talking About Yukon Land Claims

Taxation Aspects of the Yukon Land Claim Agreements :: a background briefing prepared for a presentation to the Council for Yukon First Nations by the Indian Taxation Advisory Board

Yukon Land Claim Closure Options :: an analysis of various options available to the Government of Yukon to facilitate the conclusion of the outstanding Yukon land claim negotiations 


Strategic Planning and Performance Measurement

Housing and Municipal Services Operational Review ::  operational review of the Housing and Municipal Services Department of a self-governing Yukon First Nation to determine the optimal use of resources (human and financial) to ensure that appropriate programs and services are being delivered to Citizens (co-author)

Southern Lakes Community-based Justice Assessment :: an assessment, through both primary and secondary research, of the community-based justice services currently being delivered in the Southern Lakes Region of the Yukon (co-author)

Northern Strategy Trust Management Reporting Framework :: design and implementation of  a management reporting framework for the

$40 million Northern Strategy Trust

Healthy Workplace Indicators for Yukon Health System Employers :: development of an indicator system capable of fostering healthier workplaces informed by existing practices in Canadian and international jurisdictions matched to current reporting capacity in the Yukon

Performance Measurement Primer :: an introductory overview of the practice of performance measurement prepared to facilitate participation of management and staff of a Government of Yukon line department in the development of a series of performance indicators

Tourism Industry Indicators :: an analysis of the key industry performance measures currently being used in six Canadian jurisdictions and an assessment of their potential application to the Yukon

Yukon Information and Communications Technology Sector Indicators :: a scoping analysis of indicators illustrative of economic activity and growth in the Yukon ICT sector

Yukon College Environmental Scan :: an environmental scan of education-related economic circumstances prepared to facilitate strategic planning by senior management and the Board of Governors

Yukon Technology Innovation Centre Program Review :: an analysis and review of the Yukon Technology Innovation Centre’s Innovation Fund operations and achievements (co-author)

Balanced Scorecard Implementation :: operationalization of a balanced scorecard performance measurement framework for a Yukon crown corporation

Yukon Micro Loan Program Pilot Phase Review :: an analysis and review of the Yukon Micro Loan program at the end of a three year pilot phase

Information for Director’s/Reference Document Compendium :: an orientation handbook and a searchable CD compilation of essential documents for the Board of Directors of a Yukon crown corporation (co-author)

Strategic Plan Environmental Scan :: an environmental scan of Yukon economic and demographic circumstances prepared to assist with an update to the Yukon Workers’ Compensation Health and Safety Board’s strategic plan 

Yukon Development Corporation Strategic Plan :: a five-year blueprint for corporate operations 

Development Corporation Role Comparison :: a discussion paper examining the roles exercised by selected development corporations in Canada


Workshop Design and Development

EDP 104 Community and Economic Development :: design and delivery of a 3 credit Yukon College course on community and economic

development tailored to the current circumstances of the self-governing Champagne and Aishihik First Nations

First Nation Fiscal Measures :: a three-day workshop on the fiscal measures potentially available to First Nations south of 60

Yukon First Nation Taxation and Revenues :: a short course (in web format) on the key taxation and revenue provisions of the Yukon First Nation final and self-government agreements

Yukon Research Methods :: a one-day workshop designed to outfit participants with a kit of tools and techniques for timely, rigorous and original policy-oriented research

Yukon Tax Sharing :: a short course on the evolution of personal income tax sharing between the governments of Canada, the Yukon and seven Yukon First Nations

Fundamentals of Public Finance :: a two-day workshop on the revenue/expenditure authorities and financial accountability responsibilities of governments in Canada


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